Sunday, January 13, 2013

One year Down

It's been about a year.

I remember pretty vividly the moment I realized I needed to start this blog. At the time I felt quite inundated with girls asking for advice on various topics: boys, God, future, boys, God, future... In some form or fashion it probably always related back to their spiritual formation, and whether or not it had to do with school, jobs, money, boys, their past, sex, or straight up Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, I felt under qualified to be giving any sort of advice. I mean, what do I know?

So, why not start a blog where I tell people what I think about things...?
Makes perfect sense, right?

I guess the moment struck me when I was talking with a girl face-to-face and she confided in me a story that she was ashamed to share with others. I found myself sharing part of my own story with her. 'Don't worry, friend... you're not that crazy... listen to what I've done, and listen to the hope that I've found.' I remember seeing relief in her eyes, an assurance that someone out there felt the same way as her, had even lived through it, and that there was light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn't that I had all the answers, but that I was willing to admit that I, too, didn't have it all together.

I wanted this to be a blog of honesty, of rawness, of struggling through life together as we admit how disheveled our own lives can be and the hope we have found in spite of that. There seemed to be safety in the anonymity of an online forum, as I've encouraged people to write in and share their own stories with every post. There was probably the hope of developing some sort of 'Dear Debbie' column (that has a nice ring to it, eh?) where people could write in and I could share my own thoughts and stories on whatever the subject at hand was.

The blog hasn't exactly been what I envisioned it being initially, but I think that's okay. There's been a lot of internal stretching each time I sit down to write, filtering through the next topic I'll bare my soul to the world wide web about. I've been encouraged and supported by many and, oftentimes, an unlikely person will admit their gratitude for the blog. It's been a fun journey...despite how hard and uncomfortable it's made me at times.

I suppose this post is just a thank you.
Thanks for encouraging me well and for sharing your life and heart with me as you journey and sift through hard things.

There may be some changes in the near future, and some hopes to launch even bigger things as I long to reach an even wider community. Hopefully you'll also be willing to support me in that endeavor. Your feedback as I continue with this online dialogue is crucial, so please don't to hesitate to let me know ways that I can better benefit you and serve you.

I think each time I post, there's always a prayer that just one person takes something good from it, that just one person finds a bit of hope, that just one person sees Jesus more clearly... and even if it's just one person, I pray that the Lord is ultimately glorified.

One year down.
Let's keep growing together, learning together, fighting together.
It's gonna be worth it all.

* * *

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