Tuesday, November 15, 2011

call me crazy.

I used to line up the boys in elementary school at birthday parties.
I lined them up in such a way to determine who had a crush on me and who didn’t.  Usually the latter line dwindled to a stubborn 2 or 3 who were too young for silly crushes or who wanted to be the salmon swimming upstream.  I've been referred to as the “girl of K through 5”.

I wish I were joking. 

My life seems to be spotted with an assortment of stories that highlight my cruel and unusual behavior.  One might call it crazy…I most certainly call it crazy.  There were things that I would do and say, new levels I would stoop to in order to determine if my 'dream' guy had even noticed me.  Maybe you can relate?

I grew up desperate to be in the spotlight.  I wanted to be seen, noticed, admired…and when the boys failed me, I turned to academics, sports, the fine arts, friends, and even my faith. 

So…it’s confession time.  For me, and for you.
I want to share my stories with you—the ones that range from the time I can remember until, well, yesterday.  Stories of my craziness transformed into hope, redemption and an eternity of second chances. 

And maybe you can share yours with me...and maybe, together, we can sort through our craziness enough to allow restoration and the promise of hope to unfold.  

This is a blog about being crazy.  
Ideally it will serve as a reminder that there is such a thing as second chances.  And third chances… and fourth… and, well, you get the idea.

‘Cause here’s the reality of it:  we women are crazy.  We do things, we say things, we think things….and they’re crazy.  Irrationally so.  Some of us are better at hiding it than others, and as we get older we usually get better with the mask… but I'm interested in diving deeper, in unveiling the untold, of being a woman who truly lives in the light.  May we all find freedom there.  Join me? 

* * *
Send in your own stories of something you have done, thought, or said that might be a bit 'crazy'... and let's bring light to the darkness, truth to the lies, and hope to the hopeless.  You're not alone. Your stories will remain anonymous unless otherwise stated.