Friday, May 24, 2013

A Risk.

Sometimes I hate taking risks.
But, sometimes it's necessary.

Especially if you ever really hope to get anywhere in life. Especially if you ever hope to follow dreams. Especially if you ever think that the outcome might very well be work the risk.

It's taken me a few months, but I've finally worked up the nerve. It's a simple enough step, really... but it requires some level of self-promotion that I truly struggle with.

But, here goes nothing:
I've established a Facebook page for this blog, hoping that by enabling anyone to 'like' my page that more and more readers will begin this journey with me.

I'd love for you to help me out. If you know of people who may benefit from or enjoy reading this blog, please invite them to also 'like' the page. This way when I write, my posts won't be limited solely to those who I am only 'friends' with on Facebook.

And now it's your turn to go do a little something out of your comfort zone. To take another step toward a dream. To put yourself out there. To chase after something you want.

To take a risk.

Always Second Chances Facebook Page

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