Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pushing Play

I could probably use your help as I jump back into the blogosphere post summer. I could probably use your help as I take my finger off the 'pause' button of blogging and hesitantly settle my finger over 'play'. It's time.

I don't know if it's the long hours, the contradicting emotions presenting themselves behind every corner, the lack of sleep, or simply a case of writer's block...but my thoughts feel disconnected and scattered.

I saw some sweet things this summer, and was a part of God moving in some big ways. People left camp different than they came--whether they were campers, group leaders or summer staff. I'm still sorting through the ways my own faith was challenged and stretched and what that means for me as I leave this place. I'm still sorting through the questions, conversations and words that were shared as we strove for excellence and over-exceeded the limits of what was humanly possible. I'm still sorting through what was good and honoring to the Lord and how to continually push further into those things instead of things that only gratify my flesh.

So, in the process of sorting...I'm not sure where that leaves me in terms of writing.

This is where you come in!
I'd love to hear your questions, thoughts, struggles as I resume where I left off in May. I'd love your input on the things you want to read about and things you need to process through.

Mostly, I don't want to be caught up in writing things that only pertain to my thoughts/feelings as I go through this big transition in life. It's bound to get repetitive and boring. I'd like to write about the things that you want to read about...things that inspire you, motivate you and bring you to a better place. Things that remind you that we exist in a world of second chances.

What is it for you?
What's on your heart lately?
What questions plague you?
What things do you struggle believing?
What's been bothering you about yourself/others?
Why do you currently feel hopeless?
What do you wish were different about yourself or your circumstances?
What sin are you entangled in?
Who has hurt you lately?
What are you running from... and why?

I want to dive back into this dialogue with each of you, but I'll need your help to get there. Feel free to comment below or, like always, send your stuff to

Can't wait to explore the unknown with you this fall.
I hope you're willing to go to uncharted territory with me-- 'cause I plan on being more brutally honest and open than ever before. So...  are you ready?

I'm pushing 'play'.


  1. This summer was very hurt by someone, am really struggling with forgiveness. Knowing that I can say I forgive the person as that is what God asks of me but not wanting it to be a lip service or something just said. I want to
    Feel it and to know that in my heart there is forgiveness for the pain, not sure how to get to this place and I've been holdin on to the anger,resentment, and pain. Despite all this the person has moved on in life and either has no idea I'm mad or hurt or doesn't care, which only brings more feelings to surface. Where to go when I can't seem to
    Move on.

  2. Ive set boundaries in my previous relationships with guys, but they never seem to work out. I, well we, usually push our limits and the next thing I know we've gone passed our "set" boundary. This leaves me sleepless feeling so guilty and sinful. Things in the past can't be changed, that is so hard. Is there still hope for a second chance? What can i do to see I don't find myself in this predicament again?
    A crazy young lady in need of peace, sleep and hope.