Sunday, July 23, 2017


I set out to write a new blog yesterday.
Hammock strung up, laptop out, birds chirping, dogs digging... it was an ideal set-up for a Saturday afternoon.

I wrote and I wrote and I wrote... but something seemed off about it. Maybe even a little artificial. Maybe even a little hypocritical. While it's content was all about how I want to be better at all of the things, there was something lacking. Maybe because in the desire for better, there's sometimes still an apathy about wanting to try to be better at all. Can't it all just be good enough how it is? Can't I be good enough...? Isn't this life I'm leading sufficient enough?

Because I'm tired.
And lazy.
And being better takes work.
And while yes, I want to be better... I don't know if I have the energy right now to work at what "better" requires.

It means sacrifice.
It means less sleep.
It means spending time with people when I really just want to curl up in a ball on the couch and stream Netflix.
It means admitting that I'm wrong.
It means letting my husband off the hook when he hasn't done everything my way.
It means thinking of others over myself.
It means patience and kindness and humility.

But lately, I've had this overriding desire to be better, to want better. To not settle for this complacent version of myself that just exists, whiling away the hours.

I want to be a better mentor. A better boss. A better developer and manager of people. I want to be better at investing in those around me. I want to be better at motivating and inspiring and reminding people what actually matters and seeing how that might transform attitudes and shape character.

I want to be a better friend. A friend who communicates more frequently with those who are far away. A friend who takes the time to ask people how they're doing instead of just talking about work. A friend who reaches out, a friend who can sit in the silence without always trying to fix things. A friend who knows what's really going on in people's lives. A friend who prays steadfastly.

I want to be a better wife. A better helpmate. A wife who isn't nagging or critical or demanding. A wife who supports, encourages and selflessly cares about the needs of my husband over my own. I want my husband to know, undoubtedly, how much I love, respect and believe in him.

I want to be a better follower of Jesus. A better servant. A better lover of God and His people. I want to be better about spending time in Scripture, I want to be better about having His name be quick on my lips. I want my life to be more centered on Him and living out of the fullness of who He is calling me to be.

I want to be better about handling frustration. Better about responding with kindness and gentleness instead of assumption and pride. I want to be better about seeking solutions instead of just identifying problems. I want to be patient and open-minded and eager to point out the good instead of my words being consumed with the constant need for improvement.

I want to be a better adventurer. Better about saying YES and doing things that get me out of my comfort zone. Things that are physically challenging and demanding, things that cause my knees to ache and my back to groan. Because, as exhausting as they are, these things also breathe life into my soul as I work my way into settings and sights that are unbelievable and impossible to truly capture on film. These are the types of things that remind me that God is big and amazing and that He has created me to do more than what I often think is possible.

I want to be better about change. Better about receiving criticism and recognizing that in my imperfection there is room for growth. Better about admitting my flaws and acknowledging that I can't do everything and be everything. I want to be willing to step into newness and hardness and leave behind who I was so that I might move more toward something better. So, essentially.. being better at being better...

And that all requires work.
More than just reading a few self-help books, it requires sweat and probably even some tears. It requires determination, steadfastness, and willingness. And, I imagine, on some days it will require grace. Grace to fail. Grace when I'm selfish. Grace when I've spoken too harshly or rashly. And humility when I know that I must actually allow the Lord to do a number on me instead of thinking I can accomplish any of this on my own.

If I were to continue in the stream of thought I was in yesterday, I would assure you, dear reader, that I will indeed begin the path toward better. I would assure you that I'm the type of person who would automatically leap into a new life of sheer determination and willpower that would put others to shame, emerging into a world of blissful obedience and life changing companionship with Jesus.

But, if I'm any type of real person at all, I have to admit the truth.
I want better. I do.
And there may be glimpses and moments where I'm doing all the things to get better. But it won't be all the time. There will still be days when I curl up on my couch and watch Heartland for hours or mornings when I choose to sleep in instead of spending time with the Lord or moments when I'm annoyed with my husband for not picking up the white hairballs that are all over the house on his day off. Days when I'm tired. Apathetic. Lazy. Days when I'm fighting with myself internally- fighting to do what I know is right vs. giving into my own selfishness, pride, and laziness.

Because of all of that, I will tell you that I'm pursuing "better" with much wariness.
Don't expect me to be different overnight.
But maybe, with God's grace, we're all slowly getting better over time as we fight the internal battles, as we get over ourselves, as life happens and we learn a bit more what really matters.

I think most of us want better. We want better for ourselves and for the world around us. We just don't always have what it takes to get there.

And so while I can't tell you that I'm going to change everything in my life (even if I can tell you that I probably should)... I can commit to this: I'm going to try moving in this direction with a little more focus and determination. I'm going to invest a little more. Go on a few more adventures. Memorize some more of Philippians. Continue to beg that I might be a lady who is quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. I'm going to pursue learning more about how to develop others, both spiritually and professionally. I'm going to work on loving my husband in the ways that he needs, not just the ways I want to.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll be imperfectly working our way toward better: two steps forward, one step back.

And maybe, just maybe, it's a truer glimpse of life changing companionship with Jesus. Raw, but authentic. Hard, but refining. Ugly, but beautiful.

Want to come?

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  1. So powerful and a bit of tough love and truth thank you for sharing